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    Professional MATV systems installation in Cairns

    Cabling Queensland designs, installs and maintains Master Antenna Television (MATV) distribution systems for small and large applications.


    Our MATV installations range from small, single outlet to large-scale resort systems utilising multi-channel head ends with SD and HD digital channels capable of easy expansion, and the addition of services such as Foxtel and other satellite services. We also install analogue modulation systems delivering digital FTA channels to rooms for resorts which are still using older televisions.

    Our installations are often simple with a single trunk, up to complex multiple trunk systems allowing for Free to Air and multiple satellite services on the same system.

    CCTV Integrations

    CCTV systems and cameras can be easily integrated into our MATV systems, allowing for CCTV cameras to be viewable on any television throughout the building or site. These cameras can also be accessible from the internet for remote viewing. With our new digital RF modulators, we can deliver media content, TV channels or CCTV channels to digital televisions.

    Cabling Queensland can provide digital audio and video players for in-house movies and music.


    Cabling Queensland supplies, installs and supports the following MATV systems brands:

    • Matchmaster
    • GME/Kingray
    • Novonde
    • Fagor

    Call today on 07 4053 4405 for a free quote or advice on the different MATV systems available!

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