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Cabling Queensland digital signage

    Digital signage to revolutionise your business in Cairns

    Cabling Queensland supplies and installs Samsung MagicInfo Digital Sign Systems so you can deliver your information easily and attractively using indoor and outdoor displays. Indoor screens range from 23” to 75” and super-bright outdoor displays range from 80” to as large as you can imagine.


    MagicInfo is a smart, intuitive content creation and management solution available as standard on Samsung Display Solutions products. MagicInfo equips end-users with a suite of creative tools built to facilitate content creation and display management. You can perform a range of functions from creating eye-catching digital signage to designing and managing a complex, interactive multimedia display system.

    MagicInfo is composed of three innovative components that provide integrated, end-to-end content creation and management features for your digital signage.

    MagicInfo Player

    MagicInfo Player is Samsung’s powerful in-house media player. This embedded software solution enables users to schedule and play a range of media files which can be stored on the device’s internal hard drive, a remote server, a set-back box, or a USB. Depending on your business needs, you can select one of MagicInfo Player’s four editions, each of which has different functionality for different business environments.

    MagicInfo Author

    MagicInfo Author allows you to custom-build your digital signage using Samsung’s professional design templates and script wizards. You can embed audio, video and text, set various resolutions and screen modes, edit animations and objects using drag-and-drop tools, and organise content using a timeline to create interactive and creative digital signage.

    MagicInfo Server

    MagicInfo Server enables administrators to remotely monitor, manage and schedule media content. It also allows administrators to publish content remotely using a web browser or smartphone app*. In case of system errors, technicians can also use the network to troubleshoot and fix malfunctions remotely.

    *Smartphone application is available only with MagicInfo i Player.

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